What makes a brand unique and builds loyal brand ambassadors?

What makes a brand unique and builds loyal brand ambassadors?

René Brunt, CEO and Founder of Ubunye Holdings is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and understands the value of positioning your brand and cultivate a culture in your business that develops true brand ambassadors.

Brunt believes that one of the key attributes to establishing a successful brand is to understand your target audience, have a defined mission, identify your key values and consistently tell your brand story. He further states that a brand is not defined by a tagline, logo or flashy business cards. You need to at all times consider your promise, position, personality traits, story and associations.

The Ubunye family works hard at constantly improving the customer experience at every touch point of the business. We listen to what our customers say and need to contribute to their business success and ensure that we improve and develop solutions to drive their business forward. Internally we thrive on finding solutions to improve our efficiencies and processes as we know that it impacts on our service delivery to our internal and external customers.

Brunt’s advice to build a successful brand strategy is to be consistent in your behavior and communication that shows your brand personality, identity and culture which in turn leads to brand trust, loyalty and a positive brand image. Ubunye strives to be a brand that people want to associate with, be proud to affiliate with and do business with.

Understanding your target audience goes beyond their age, demographics, gender and interests. You need to know what makes them tick, align with their values, have a deep knowledge and understanding of their business to be able to give sound business advice.

Continuous development and product improvement has been one of our major key focus areas within our business throughout the years, says Brunt. I therefore encourage innovation to ensure that we are always a step ahead of our competitors and able to offer the best solution to our partners and customers. Evolving continuously and our independence in delivering our product offering strengthens our brand, comments Brunt.

Having a global footprint enabled us to have partnered with reputable brands across the world. We ensure that the partners we select have the same values, passion and ethics to ensure that our brand experience to the end user is consistent. Maintaining and retaining these partnerships is one of our pillars we rely on the most to uphold our brand status.

The world’s greatest and successful brands are supported by influential leaders who continually aspire for greatness and so does the Ubunye family. We are embarking on a venture that will propel the world towards Digital Transformation. The initiative will launch during March and Brunt will share more information in his next SNEAK PREVIEW.

Brunt has invested heavily in ensuring that the people that joins the Ubunye family has passion and a fire inside them that ignites them to work hard to continually deliver greatness. He possesses genuine passion for his brand and this passion rubs off on the rest of the team that leaves them enthusiastic and excited to deliver the best customer experience and elevate the brand.

As a business owner he lives and breathes his brand not only to inspire his team to do the same but also to lead everyone associated with Ubunye to feel deeply affiliated to the organization.

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