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Document Capture Solution

Awarded with Buyers Lab (BLI) 2022 Pick Award by Keypoint Intelligence. 

ScannerVision™ is a solution to automate document workflows, which captures, processes, and stores scanned documents as well as documents generated by other applications.

Document Capture Solution

aivika is a complete document capture and workflow solution, which is designed to bring documents the moment it gets received to its final destination in the most efficient way. aivika captures, processes and stores scanned documents as well as documents generated by other applications.

Document Management System that goes beyond business workflow.

DocVolante is a software solution for SME's and Medium sized businesses that integrates with our own in-house suite of products, as well as being a stand-alone that centrally captures, indexes, and stores all documents to optimize business workflows.

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"We remain committed to our original mission - to put advanced IT solutions within reach of even the smallest business. We have evolved to become what businesses need - a technology provider who can demystify and humanise the IT that they depend on to run their businesses. Ubunye's philosophy is that we don't just develop functionalities, we also work closely with our partners as they know what the end user needs."

René Brunt

Founder & CEO

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