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Engineered for businesses to streamline their process and keep up with the digital age.


Determines where documents come from (MFP, Desktop Modules/Clients, Hot Folder, E-mail, etc) and how additional information related to the document, or metadata, should be retrieved. In addition to ScannerVision™, aivika Capture Pro and aivika Mobile have broadened the capture aspect by providing a rich capture experience on desktop and mobile devices.


Determines what is done with the captured document. This could include barcode reading, recognizing texts with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) powered by the Ubunye OCR Engine, conversion to another format, and much more. This process allows for the document to be distributed in the correct and most efficient way by enforcing rules and policies without any user intervention which adds unnecessary risks and resources.


Determines where and how the document should be saved, which could be another folder on the network, a database, as an e-mail attachment, a Cloud Storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive, or in a Document Management System (DMS) such as DocVolante, SharePoint, DocuWare, NetDocuments etc via connectors.


Manage your documents with DocVolante that is manually indexed with keywords, tags, and metadata to make it easy for search and retrieval. It additionally also sorts and places the document in a folder which allows for access to applicable employees, enabling you digitize and secure your business-critical information to be passed on efficiently between departments at any time.