What we know that you should know

What we know that you should know

In order for logistics companies to become more productive and efficient they’ve had to adjust their approach and strategies according to trends and had to come up with innovative ways to drive the industry.

Below are some fundamental logistics concepts that have changed to define the future of logistics:

AI and Autonomous logistics
Incorporating AI within your logistics processes can lead to more efficient processes, facilitate data collection and prevent downtime.

  • Warehouse robots have become so advanced that they are used next to humans in warehouses without jeopardizing their safety. The robots are predominantly used for loading and unloading delivery trucks but there is talk of them becoming decisive factors in the supply chain in the near future.
  • Self-driving delivery vehicles have many advantages such as driving in poor weather conditions without having resting time.
  • Self-driving fork-lift trucks could also do heavy-duty work within the warehouses.

Using Technologies for Supply Chains
Advanced technologies have allowed for networks that is able to connect devices and for data to be shared on those networks. The data can trigger reactions from one device to another which has opened up endless possibilities in logistics.

  • In networked warehouses the condition and location of goods can be monitored.
  • Intelligent delivery solutions is able to give accurate information on the delivery of goods.
  • Smart refrigerators can place orders for consumers in eCommerce.

Digital Networking of the Supply chain
Within certain industries carriers are becoming strategic partners and have to ensure more extensive networking and deeper integration in the supply chain of customers. They make use of high-performance information technology and functioning interfaces to connect to their customer’s inventory control systems.

Multichannel logistics
Traffic infrastructure causes huge headaches for Logistics especially as it is dependent on road network. Road works and traffic jams have a major impact on transportation of goods. Therefore multichannel logistics is becoming more common where distribution channels are diversified to lower the risk of delays within the logistics process.

Structural change of global logistics
International supply chains, Trade conflicts and economic protectionism can influence logistics. This affects all aspects of transport no matter what form of transport is required. Therefore it has become critical for logistics industry leaders to join forces to secure the future of logistics.

Collaborative logistics
Data sharing and sharing key performance indicators have become crucial for all parties to have visibility across the value chain and to increase efficiency within the industry. Some logistics companies use software that services as a data-sharing platform to reduce port congestions, supply chain bottlenecks and streamline the operations.

Automated logistics
Another digital trend that is altering the logistics industry is automated logistics. This varies from warehouse automation (transforming manual processes such as stock taking and inspection of goods) to transport automation through the use of autonomous vehicles.

Automation comes at a high price and involves key decision makers to incorporate short, medium and long term strategies.

Green logistics
Sustainability is a big trend globally and pressure is put on all industries across the word to move toward decarbonizing their operations. Some ways to achieve sustainability within logistics is switch to alternative fuels and renewable energy and where possible switch to electronic trucks that reduce GHG emissions.

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